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Legal advice

01 Range of services

Legal advice

For advice in legal matters, we consult the right cooperation lawyers from the various fields of law as the situation requires.

At alltax, we coordinate all areas relevant to you - always focused on your concerns.

Each transaction is unique. Our well-rehearsed team of lawyers, auditors and tax advisors is at your side as an experienced partner in acquisitions and takeovers, mergers and joint ventures. In addition to integrated corporate planning, we also prepare a company valuation based on standard procedures.


Our range of services:

  • Implementation of financial and tax due diligence audits
  • Tax optimisation of the deal structure
  • Company valuations using current methods

Company succession must be clarified in good time, especially in the case of family businesses. We work out proposals for this and assist you in their implementation to ensure the continuity of your company.


Our range of services:

  • Development of the best possible arrangement for assets, company and succession
  • Legal advice for anticipated succession
  • Tax-optimised structuring of wills, inheritance and marriage contracts
  • Inclusion of foundation solutions in asset succession

We look after your receivables. And we don't just limit our activities to collection only. Regardless of the stage the proceedings are at, out of court or in court, we always provide support and legal advice from a single source. You always have the same contact person, who can react flexibly to the different requirements of the specific case.

This frees up your own employees from the costly and time-intensive business of collecting outstanding debts. And of course we guarantee that we will keep you up-to-date about the situation.


Our range of services:

  • Out-of-court correspondence
  • Court collection proceedings
  • Foreclosure

Our top priority is always to avoid legal disputes in advance. However, if the dispute is unavoidable, you can always expect reasonable solutions from our cooperation lawyers.


Our range of services:

  • Commercial and corporate law
  • Business law
  • Insolvency law
  • Succession law
  • Employment law
  • Traffic law
  • Criminal law

03 Contact person

I am looking forward to answering your questions!

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